A Review of East Coast Health

A Review of East Coast Health
Why is there a Review of East Coast health services provided by Ngati Porou Hauora? A Review is currently underway of health services provided and delivered on the East Coast – provided by both TDH and Ngati Porou Hauora.
March 25, 2024

Why is there a Review of East Coast health services provided by Ngati Porou Hauora? A Review is currently underway of health services provided and delivered on the East Coast – provided by both TDH and Ngati Porou Hauora.

The way in which the current range of services are delivered needs to be reviewed against the expectations from both the current government and the District Health Board as the funder of health services that services are financially viable, meet the needs of the population, and are provided in a Better, Sooner, More Convenient manner.

The key focus areas for the DHB is an expectation that health providers have a strong emphasis on ensuring services are tailored to prevent ill health, to focus on the early detection of those with potential chronic disease, and then to ensure the proper and proactive management of those identified early with chronic health issues.

We expect this to be delivered in a financially prudent way by a quality driven workforce. Patients also have a right to ensure that their acute or urgent/emergency care needs are met in a "Better, Sooner, More Convenient" manner. Therefore this Review is about the range and mix of services that are sustainable and are seen as best supporting people on the Coast to ensure improved health outcomes and how these can be delivered in the medium to long term.

What is the purpose of the Review

The purpose of the Review is three fold:

1. Identify options for sustainable models of care.

2. Identify models of care that meet the unique needs of the communities on the Coast.

3. Furnish a comprehensive report that includes the social, environmental, cultural, economic and political impacts.

An understanding of health needs of the Ngati Porou rohe population will be required in order to match that to future service provision, infrastructure and planning.

What services will be reviewed?

All services provided by both TDH and NPH on the East Coast will be part of the Review. This includes primary and community health services, hospital services, maternity services, disability support services and mental health services.

Who has asked for the Review?

The joint boards of Tairawhiti District Health (as the funding provider of Ngati Porou Hauora services), Ngati Porou Hauora (as the provider of health services) and TRONPnui (as the parent company for NPH) have asked for the Review.

Who is doing the Review?

Sapere – a consultancy with health and cultural expertise – has been chosen to undertake the review. Sapere was chosen following a request for tender process in October 2012.

How long will the Review take?

The final draft Report is due to the 3 Boards by June 2013.

Who is involved in supporting the Review?

An Oversight Group made up of clinicians and managers from TDH and NPH has been established to help support the external reviewers. This Group also involves management input from TRONPnui and 3 community members, all yet to be finalised. The Oversight Group will be involved in selecting the successful consultants to undertake this Review and will provide guidance throughout the life of the Review to the consultants.

Have any decisions been made?

No decisions have been made at all. We are awaiting the findings of independent reviewers to give a steer to the 3 Boards.

Will employees of NPH be affected?

At the moment, there are no changes to the employment of NPH staff as a result of the Review. It is business as usual. Any impact may come once the Review recommendations have been finalised, and engagement process with staff and the community completed, and the final recommendations endorsed by all 3 Boards.

Will the community have a say in the shape of health services on the East Coast?

Yes, once the draft final report is presented to the 3 Boards in June, an engagement process with key stakeholders, staff and the community will be undertaken. This will inform the final shape of the recommendations to the 3 Boards in August 2013.

Where can we go for more information?

For more details on the Review, you can send questions to Virginia Brind, GM Planning, Funding & Population Health who will respond on behalf of the three organisations. Virginia can be contacted by the following email: virginia.brind@tdh.org.nz