Complete the following feedback / submission online form (in Te Reo Maori or English or both). Please note:

  • the following questions are prompts to help stimulate your thinking about this kaupapa.
  • you don’t have to answer all the questions, just the areas you may want to focus on.
  • there is no right or wrong way to answer the questions.
  • for information about the Trust Deed Review and the organisation go to
Please note you do not have to be registered to participate in the feedback submission process, however you do need to be registered to participate in any voting processes. To check your registration details are up to date go to or contact the Database Administrator, Hiria Shaw, Email: Tel. 0800 676768

1. TRONPnui’s purpose as defined in the Trust Deed is to ‘receive, administer, manage, protect and govern for and on behalf of all Ngati Porou’. It should also generate profits and serve the cultural needs of all Ngati Porou.

(for more information about the current organisational structure and how it works go to

4. When thinking about how TRONPnui works you may want to consider and feedback on the following:

a) Current Trust Deed Accountability
TRONPnui is accountable to the people via: Annual external audit of its finances; Annual Report and Financial Statement; by reporting back to Ngati Porou at the Annual General Meeting which is publicly notified 20 working days prior to the hui; and regular updates by the elected trustees to their rohenga, hapu and taurahere.

b) Current Representation Model and Electoral Process
14 people are elected to the TRONPnui Board: 2 members from 7 Rohenga Tipuna within the boundaries of Potikirua in the North to Te Toka a Taiau in the South. Any Ngati Porou can stand for election. Those who live within the rohenga boundary are ‘noho kaenga’ candidates; those who live away are ‘kei te whenua’. The highest polling ‘noho kaenga’ candidate in each rohenga tipuna shall be appointed. This guarantees a 50% noho kaenga representation on the TRONPnui Board. The Chairperson of the Board must also be ‘noho kaenga’ – the current model guarantees a ‘noho kaenga’ majority.

c) Current Voting Process
All Registered Beneficial Members, 18 years and older, can vote. To register you must, among other things, choose a marae in one of the 7 Rohenga Tipuna. You can only vote for the candidates in that Rohenga Tipuna. Members can apply to change their marae affiliation and therefore, their Rohenga Tipuna.

d) Current Membership Criteria
To become a Registered Member, the current registration process has several steps. They include: completing an application with your whakapapa, choosing a marae therefore your Rohenga Tipuna, and providing a form of identification; certification by your kaumatua or other authorised party; an office application check and then a Membership Committee check (link to form). Decisions as to membership of Ngati Porou and changes to Rohenga Tipuna will be considered by the Membership Committee which can accept or decline the application. Applicants can apply again.