Trust Deed Review


Is Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou making a difference in the lives of Ngati Porou? Or can we do a better job?

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou (TRONPnui) is reviewing its Trust Deed and invites you to contribute your whakaaro to this important korero. By sharing your thoughts in the Trust Deed review discussion, you have the opportunity to have your say about the future of TRONPnui.

TRONPnui was established by Trust Deed in December 2010 after Ngati Porou Iwi members mandated the creation of the post-settlement governance entity as part of the Ngati Porou Treaty Claims process. The organisation held its inaugural election in September 2011, and after five years of ‘test driving,’ the newly established entity, the review provides the opportunity for Ngati Porou whanui to consider whether the Deed and the TRONPnui structure is working as intended.  

As the ultimate shareholder of the Runanganui, whanau and hapu have the opportunity to change the way things are being done or ensure those aspects that are operating effectively are kept.

What is the TRONPnui Trust Deed?

It is the legal document that established TRONPnui and empowered it to govern and manage the pre and post-settlement assets on behalf of Ngati Porou. The TRONPnui Trust Deed also sets the mandatory rules for how TRONPnui goes about its business.

Click here to view the TRONPnui Trust Deed

Why is the Trust Deed being reviewed?

  • A five year review was built into the Trust Deed. It is common practice for governance entities to review the effectiveness of arrangements set out in their Trust Deeds and to recommend any alterations. In other words, five years gives reasonable time and experience to see if the Deed and TRONPnui structure were working as intended.

Join the korero by making a submission by Wed 31st May!

Your participation as a Ngati Porou member is crucial to the success of the TRONPnui Trust Deed review process. Your whakaaro, and feedback are important in helping the Runanganui to move forward into the future. The close off for Round One of the submission process is Wednesday 31st May 2017.

Update: First report from Round One submissions available now!

Download the Independent Advisor's first initial report for Trust Deed Review.

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