28 Maori Battalion You Tube compilation

  1. "Māori Battalion C Company museum nears completion"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Published on May 29, 2014
    In Gisborne, the building dedicated to housing 28th Māori Battalion C Company memorabilia is swiftly taking shape. Veteran Nolan Raihania says the date is set for the opening of the museum and he took his granddaughter, our very own Irena Smith, on a tour of the site.
  2. "KKM students to retrace the footsteps of the 28th Māori Battalion"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Published on May 7, 2014
    Students from around the East Coast kura kaupapa Māori are heading to Rome today to attend memorial services for soldiers who fought in the 28th Māori Battalion. Accompanying them will be one of the few survivors of Company C as they spend the next two weeks retracing the cities where battalion members lost their lives.
  3. "Meng Foon supports C Company museum"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Published on Apr 25, 2012
    Gisborne Council has agreed to Nga Tama Toa's request to establish a museum to house treasures C Company, 28th Maori Battalion memorabilia. Earlier this evening the Mayor of Gisborne, Meng Foon shared details of the agreement with Te Karere.
  4. "C Company Veteran Darcy Nepia has died"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Uploaded on Jun 5, 2011
    Kua hinga tetahi o nga hoia morehu o te hokowhitu a tuu, no te Kamupene C - a Darcy Nepia.
  5. "Soutar set to research Māori soldiers from WW1"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Published on Nov 29, 2012
    The book on the history of C-Company, Ngā Tamatoa, is the only comprehensive publication of its kind. Historian Dr Monty Soutar spent 15 years leading the team that researched and collected the stories of almost every one of the 945 men of C-Company. We spoke to him earlier about the final reunion of the Māori Battalion this weekend.
  6. "Nga Tama Toa trust thinking of translating Nga Tama Toa book Nov 5 2009 Te Karere Maori News TVNZ"
    Te Karere, TVNZ
    Uploaded on Nov 4, 2009
    Nga Tama Toa trust thinking of translating Nga Tama Toa book.