Nga Pu Whakaha i te Reo (Reo Champions)


The main job of the Reo champion will be to lead the development of Reo revitalisation within their Hapu, Marae and Taurahere whanau.  As the first programme to be rolled out, the Reo champion will play a critical role in

  • developing a Reo action plan for the collective if they do not already have one
  • developing a status report on the state of the collectives Reo competency and fluency
  • Working with hapu, marae, taurahere to identify key tasks within their reo action plans that can be accomplished within 12 months.

Reo champions will also assist to drive their Reo revitalisation projects, initiatives and activities on the ground.   Other parts of the role include:

  • Developing and/or consolidating hapu, marae, taurahere, 5yr Reo Action Plans
  • Recruiting whanau to participate in their Reo Action Plan
  • Providing positive advocacy of Toitu Te Reo including the overall strategy and individual marae, hapu, taurahere plans.
  • fostering networks that support Ngati Porou Reo aspirations and the implementation of whanau, hapu, marae and taurahere reo action plans
  • offering advice and guidance on how to resolve the challenges and difficulties that arise in the course of implementing our collective reo programmes and activities
  • maintaining and tracking performance
  • assessing other reo revitalization programmes that can contribute to the success of Toitu Te Reo

Reo Champions will be responsible for applying/or supporting their hapu, marae and taurahere to make applications for Programmes 2-4.  


The Reo champions programme will target up to seven (7) Ngati Porou hapu, marae collectives and or Rohenga Tipuna and three (3) taurahere whanau reo champions per year.


This programme will run for two years, with a budget available to support and enable Reo champions to actively promote, support and monitor their hapu/marae/rohenga tipuna and taurahere whanau reo revitalization activities, planning and monitoring.

(Note that champions will be expected to undertake at least two engagements in the year, and work alongside both their hapu/marae/rohenga tipuna or taurahere whanau collective to develop a 5 year Reo Action plan.


The role of the Reo champion is an important part of the overall Ngati Porou reo revitalisation strategy, therefore nominations need to reflect people who:

  • represent the Reo interests and perspectives of their hapu, marae collective, rohenga tipuna and taurahere whanau members
  • proficient/matatau i roto i te Reo Ake o Ngati Porou
  • actively involved in their hapu, marae collective, rohenga tipuna or taurahere whanau activities
  • are Ngati Porou
  • have the trust and confidence of their whanau, hapu, marae, taurahere and peers as proponents of Te Reo o Ngati Porou
  • are strong communicators and network builders
  • are solutions focused


A Nominations process will be used to recruit up to 10 Reo champions. Toitu Ngati Porou will manage this process, which will include engaging a panel of 8 people who are fluent in te reo o Ngati Porou, are active Reo practioners and acknowledged advocates. This panel includes representatives from the Runanganui ( Selwyn Parata, Ani Pahuru-Huriwai), Toitu Ngati Porou (Wikitoria Gilvray) Taurahere (Rhonda Tibble for Te Taurahere o Ngati Porou Ki Tamaki, Matehaere Konia for Te Taurahere o Ngati Porou Ki Poneke), Ngati Porou Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa/wharekura (Renata Kururangi, Campbell Dewes) and Reo Researcher (Dr Wayne Ngata).

Letters with nomination forms will be sent out to  all hapu, marae and taurahere whanau inviting them to nominate their champion. Nominations close Sunday  23 July, 2017 at 12.00pm. The nomination forms can also be downloaded from this site.

Once the Reo champions are in place, the other funding programmes will be rolled out.  This is so all hapu, marae, reo collectives and taurahere get the same opportunity to participate, and will have the benefit of the support of their Reo Champion.

Whilst nomination of the Reo Champion is the prerogative of hapu and/or marae collectives, rohenga tipuna and taurahere whanau, the Ngati Porou Reo Panel will require sufficient evidence that demonstrates that the Reo champion

  • meets the criteria of competency, iwi affiliation and capacity;
  • has the support of the nominating hapu and marae collectives, or rohenga tipuna and taurahere. Support will be evidenced in both the nomination form and through the interview process.

Applicants will be advised via the contact details provided.


Ngati Porou Reo champions for 2017/2018 have now been selected. Click following link to download complete list (posted 22/8/17).

Ngati Porou Reo Programme Coordinator:

Rapaea Parata
Te Toka a Taiau,
Shed 3,
The Esplanade,
PO Box 394,
Gisborne 4010
Ph: 06 867 9960
Cell: 021 863 114