Nati to Nati

Nati Connect hui Auckland 2014 with Te Taurahere o Ngati Porou ki Tamaki

Ngati Porou are a global people. We live in major metropolitan cities of the world such as London, Paris and New York. As well as places closer to home such as Auckland, Christchurch and Wainuiomata.

Kei te aha? Are you beginning your journey to finding out how to connect with others in your whanau? Or do you want to meet up with other Ngati Porou in your region. In this section we provide advice to get you started.

Connecting with my marae and other whanau

You can begin your search by firstly talking to others in your whanau when trying to  your whakapapa links. This can be a daunting and challenging time for people seeking their whakapapa especially if their past family relationships have been fractured.  All we can say is that there is someone in your family, if not your immediate family, your extended family who will know something – remember the more time and dedication (and sacrifice) you put into finding your whakapapa the less of a sacrifice your children and grandchildren have to make, and that is a great thing.

If you require more assistance in finding out more about your whakapapa you can contact Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou. We will put you in touch with one of our whakapapa experts who can help trace your whakapapa for you. Please contact

Connecting with other Ngati Porou where I live

There are Ngati Porou Taurahere in  regions around the country. These networks provide a place for Ngati Porou members to meet, share information and undertake cultural practices.

Click here to see Ngati Porou Taurahere in Nati Map