Hapai i te Reo (Co-investing in collective Reo initiatives)


Hapai i te Reo is aimed at supporting hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna, taurahere collectives plan and/or implement their own Reo action plans.  Hapai i te Reo recognises that many marae, hapu, rohenga tipuna and taurahere have spent time developing matauranga (education) plans and for some, it might be a case of expanding those to focus on revitalising and strengthening te reo o Ngati Porou.  


Hapai i te Reo funding will be available for up to two years. However hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna and/or taurahere collectives can only apply once for funding within the two years of the programme.

Up to $10,000 will be available per successfully application, and it is expected that this up to ten hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna and/or taurahere collectives will be funded per year.

If the cost of your project or activity is more than the funding available under this programme, hapu and marae rohenga tipuna collectives and/or taurahere may work with their Reo champion and the Te Runanganui Reo Programme Coordinator to identify and access other complimentary resources.


Hapai i te Reo is aimed at assisting hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna and/or taurahere collectives to prepare and confirm their reo action plans, and implement projects and activities that will support them to achieve their reo outcomes/goals. When allocating funding to applications, Toitu Ngati Porou would encourage reo champions working with their hapu, marae collectives and taurahere to consider:

  • how the activity and/or  project ties into existing reo plans and projects
  • the type of project/activity being planned and whether it can be done in the timeframe (it might be that the project is scaled back, or spread over a longer time?)
  • what results the hapu, marae collective and/or rohenga tipuna and taurahere expect from the project, planning or activity
  • sources of  additional funding or resources  that they may also be able to access to support them achieve their reo Hapai i te Reo goals and objectives


Reo champions will work with their hapu and marae collective and/or rohenga tipuna and taurahere to identify the reo activities and projects they want to achieve through Hapai i te Reo and align it with their reo action plan goals and objectives. The hapu and marae collectives and/or rohenga tipuna will submit an application to the programme, with the support of their Reo Champion.

As only ten hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna and/or taurahere collectives can be supported in any one year, notification that the Runanganui is seeking applications will be provided to all eligible applicants and promoted throughout the application period. Once the period for funding applications has closed, the Ngati Porou Reo Panel will be provided with copies of all the applications and meet to determine the ten successful applicants that will be supported in that year.

Hapai i te Reo funding application round will open on the 22nd of August and close on Monday 23rd October. These timeframes have been set to allow all hapu, marae, rohenga tipuna and/or taurahere collectives’ sufficient time to complete and submit their projects/planning/activities before the end of April 2018.


Undoubtedly, all activities undertaken will benefit our reo in some demonstrable way.  It is important however that we capture evidence about our successes so that we can be accountable to ourselves as an iwi for these reo investments, we can share ‘best practice’ and ultimately we are able to achieve our long term vision of a vibrant and living Ngati Porou reo.

All projects and activities supported by this programme will be reported back on at the Runanganui Hui a Tau for the funding year.


Applications open  22nd of August and close on Monday 23rd October 2017. To apply for funding, request an application form from the Ngati Porou Reo Programme Coordinator:

Rapaea Parata
Te Toka a Taiau,
Shed 3,
The Esplanade,
PO Box 394,
Gisborne 4010
Ph: 06 867 9960
Cell: 021 863 114
Email: rparata@tronp.org.nz

Click here to download the programme information about the "Hapai i te Reo" funding programme

For more detailed information about the implementation of the strategy and funding programmes, please download Nga Mahi Whakarauora Reo Revitalisation Programmes Guide