Pakihiroa farms

Pakihiroa Farms Limited is owned and managed by Ngati Porou. The company was established in 1990 and manages three farms - Pakihiroa and Makarika in Ruatoria, and Puanga on the outskirts of Gisborne.

Pakihiroa Farm on Hikurangi maunga is owned by the Runanga on behalf of all Ngati Porou.

The tribe's biggest operation is nestled at the foot of mount Hikurangi. The company produces high quality sheep, beef and wool for export to overseas consumers. Key export markets include lamb, principally to Europe, and beef, which is mostly exported to the United States. There are also opportunities to export cross-bred wool products to East Asia, United States and Canada.

In 2011 Pakihiroa Farms was a finalist in the Ahuwhenua Awards. Pakihiroa Ltd has a combined area of 2,770 [MW1] hectares, and approximately 25,000 stock units including 7,500 ewes and 1,000 cows. The company employs farm consultants, farm managers, shepherds, fencers and farm advisors.

Our vision is to influence critical parts of the value chain, to be a market leader employing industry best practice, working collaboratively with Ngati Porou land owners to expand our business and to use science and innovation to maintain our competitive advantage.

Ngati Porou beef and lamb

Ngati Porou's focus for its beef and lamb operations is on creating innovative systems that can drive both productivity and profitability. Along with its core driving principle of sustainability, Ngati Porou's farming sector has a robust foundation for expansion which we believe will enable the tribe to expand into other food production sectors.

Balancing agricultural output with good environmental management has been a fundamental consideration for Pakihiroa Farms since its establishment. The future thinking company has an approach to farming that recognises the need for replicating natural systems that can provide multiple potential benefits. The company aims to be an exemplar of agriculture with its focus not only on food quality but profitability for East Coast farmers and partners in market.

Ngati Porou aspires to provide a range of high value products to world export markets. The future of Pakihiroa Farms Ltd will see an offering of high quality sheep and beef meats complemented with vegetables grown from within our district. Sheep wool and other fibres will eventually be processed into some of the finest garments and carpet.

For now, Pakihiroa Farms remains focused on developing a steady best practice approach underpinned by its knowledge of intensive production systems. It also sees opportunities to transfer that knowledge to partner farming operations around the East Coast and the world. The business is currently looking into developing technologies to be able to supply gourmet foods internationally and to ensure what we do is best practice on a global scale.

Job opportunities at Pakihiroa Farms

If you are interested in a career in the farming industry contact Pakihiroa General Manger, Hilton Collier