How to make a submission

Your participation as a Ngati Porou member is crucial to the success of the TRONPnui Trust Deed review process. Your whakaaro, and feedback are important in helping the Runanganui to move forward into the future.

There are two opportunities to make submissions:

  1. Round One –  Call for submissions about TRONPnui Trust Deed and its operation
    (Monday 10 April- Wednesday 31 May 2017): Update - first summary report from Round One now available
  2. Round Two- Call for submissions on the draft report
    (September 2017)

Call for Submissions about TRONPnui Trust Deed and its operation (Monday 10 April- Wednesday 31 May 2017)

(Update 7 July 2017: The first report from Round one submission process is now available. Please click here to download).

In this stage Ngati Porou whanui are encouraged to provide their thoughts and feedback about any aspect of the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Trust Deed and its operation and the effectiveness of the arrangements set out in the Trust Deed

There a number of ways to do this:

  1. Complete a feedback/submission form - Download here. Printed copies can also be picked up from our TRONPnui offices in Ruatoria or Gisborne.
  2. Complete an online feedback/submission form - Click here.
  3. Complete a written submission (of any length and format) on the areas you wish to focus on.
  4. If you wish to present an oral submission or have any enquiries relating to your submission please contact David Gray, the TRONPnui Trust Deed Review Independent Advisor.

Very important please read:

  • You can make a submission either as an individual or as part of a collective.
  • Your thoughts may be submitted in Te Reo Maori, English or both.
  • All submissions will be received in the strictest confidence. An Independent Advisor will be receiving the submissions. NO TRONPnui staff member or TRONPnui Board member will be handling any of the submissions and therefore will not be privy to the names of those who are making submissions.
  • There is no right or wrong way to express your whakaaro. Your viewpoint and perspectives are valid and valued.

All feedback and submissions must be received by Wednesday 31 May, 2017

Submissions must be posted or emailed to:

David Gray
TRONPnui Trust Deed Review- Independent Reviewer
284 Whangarata Road
R D 4
Tuakau 2694
Tel: 027 488 9459

Call for Submissions on the draft report (September 2017)

Round 2 involves consultation hui which will discuss and review the summary report of submissions from Round 1, prepared by the Independent Advisor, and the subsequent recommendations from the Board.

Feedback and submissions about the draft report will be accepted by the TRONPnui Independent Advisor in September 2017.

The two submission rounds may be followed by the
Special Resolution of Members Postal Voting (April 2018)

Following the presentation of the final report to the TRONPnui AGM, if amendments to the Trust Deed are required, Adult Members on the Ngati Porou register  will be asked to vote for or against them in a Special Resolution of Members Postal Ballot in April 2018. To pass this Special Resolution, 75% of those who take part in the voting, must approve the amendments.

Voting papers for the Special Resolution of Members will be sent out before voting begins in April 2018.

Are You on the Ngati Porou Register?

You don’t have to be registered to participate in the submission process, however in order to receive regular email updates or to participate in voting for or against amendments to the Deed you must be registered.


Hiria Shaw (Database Administrator)
Tel: 0800 67 67 68 (0800 NPOROU)

For more information about the TRONPnui Trust Deed Review: