Why do biz with Ngati Porou

Ngati Porou is a dynamic, future focused Iwi, and our two greatest assets are our natural resources and our people. Our major business activities are based in the primary sector industries of farming, forestry and fisheries. Our tribal workforce are globally connected, and have the skills, talent and ambition to contribute to our economic development.

Our story

Within our history we have a proud lineage of innovators and entrepreneurs. Our ancestors were among the nations’s first exporters, trading locally produced goods to overseas markets. In the 20th century our great statesman, Ta Apirana Ngata, created land development schemes, enabling our introduction into the dairy and meat industries. Today we continue to be focused on the world export stage, and are utilising science and technology to add value to our products and services.

Our values

We have a long-term strategic approach to business, which includes having a social and cultural obligation and responsibility to future generations. To do this we want to ensure that our business activities and practices are sustainable, so that our resources can be passed down to our mokopuna. We want to create economic opportunities that will make a real difference to the lives of our Iwi members, so we can all share in the rewards of our investments.  

Our natural resources

We have one of the highest concentrations of Maori freehold land in New Zealand, and there is considerable potential to work alongside our Iwi land owners to develop our whenua.  Along with agri-cultural and forestry opportunities, other emerging industries for land-development include the  manuka honey industry and tourism.

We have a profitable fisheries industry that promotes growth, development and opportunities for our people. Our seafood businesses include quota-trading schemes, processing factories, retail outlets, and supplying niche seafood products. Aqua-culture is another fisheries elated industry we are currently exploring.

Our people

Ngati Porou is the second largest tribe in New Zealand (over 70,000), and many of our people reside within our traditional tribal boundaries on the East Coast.  Significant numbers of our people also live in other cities across the country and the world.

Many of our Iwi members are leaders in various industry sectors, and have a desire to contribute their expertise to help build our financial assets. Education and skill development is important to growing our workforce, and as an Iwi we have initiated tertiary and trade programmes to grow our human capital and skill base.

Let’s do business

We welcome potential investment or joint venture partners who  would like to collaborate with Ngati Porou, and invest in our economy.  We already have established relationships with regional, national and international partners, who share our common goals and aspirations.

With our recent treaty settlement, worth NZ$130 million, we are looking to develop our capital, market access and commercialisation skills. Doing business with Ngati Porou is about innovation,  sustainably utilising our natural asset base, and working towards a better future for our Iwi and our nation.