Ngati Porou is a culturally vibrant Iwi, and as an organisation we are involved in a number of initiatives to help strengthen a greater level of identity, connectedness and pride within our tribal members.

We facilitate a wide range of forums and opportunities for Ngati Porou to engage and participate. These include the Ngati Porou Inter-marae Sports Festival (aka Pa Wars), Hikurangi Dawn Ceremony, Te Rangitawaea Festival, Hui a Iwi and Nati Connect. Visit the events section of our website to find out about upcoming hui.  

We also support and enable whanau and hapu with initiatives to protect and maintain our unique language, history and customary practices. Our marae play a vital role in the continuation of our cultural traditions, and the Runanganui has recently invested in initiatives to help reinforce and sustain this  important function. These initiatives include the distribution of $5 million over five years to 48 of our marae, the appointment of a Marae Development Project Manager, and the deployment of schemes such as Nati Insure (collective marae insurance), Nati Power (helping marae with their annual power bills), and Marae Wi-Fi (providing connectivity to marae). Visit the Marae Life section of our website to find out more about these and other initiatives.