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11 Jul 2015

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou delivers a range of housing services to Ngati Porou, including tenancy services, emergency housing services, home ownership workshops and home ownership advice. The housing division is ably managed by Hine Manuel (who has extensive experience in this sector).

The Runanganui completed a housing strategy 18 months ago and is in the process of extending its housing service provisioning to align with these strategic goals. In the last few years, the Runan- ganui has received enquiries from Housing NZ tenants about purchasing the houses they currently tenant. This is a programme that Housing NZ promotes to their tenants (subject to conditions being met).

Most Housing NZ properties within Ngati Porou are covered by right of first refusal (RFR) provisions under the Ngati Porou Settlement Act. Therefore, any tenants within Ngati Porou who want to purchase their Housing NZ properties, require a RFR waiver from the Runanganui. The Runanganui is pleased to offer these waivers to Ngati Porou whanui (subject to certain conditions) and over the last 18 months a number of tenants have transitioned to home ownership.

Homeownership is a kaupapa the Runanganui strongly supports, and we can provide assistance to tenants to help them through this process.

Please contact Hine Manuel on 0800 833 502 or email: if you are a Housing NZ tenant interested in purchasing your Housing NZ home or would like to enquire further on any of our housing services. 


Tukuna mai o whakaaro


Is the Housing Strategy available on the website somewhere?

Kia Ora Hine,
My query refers to home ownership, do you have to be a housing nz tenant to qualify under the housing programme to buy a first home? If not what or whom do I have to talk to about purchasing a home under the above housing programme? Is there more info somewhere that I can get as the info above is really only helpful if your a housing nz tenant.
Greatful for any info
Hine Wharehinga

Kia ora Hine, please contact Hine Manuel with your enquiry directly. Her contacts are:
0800 833 502 or email: