Written by: Iwi Chairs Forum
17 Mar 2017

The Iwi Chairs Forum was hosted by Ngāti Kuri in Waitangi with 128 attendees and over 48 iwi present. This was the first time Rt. Hon. Bill English attended the Forum as Prime Minister.

Harry Burkhardt, Chair of Ngāti Kuri, said the attendance of the Prime Minister allowed the Forum “to discuss the key issues facing our people and to make progress towards our aspirations as Iwi. The Crown and Iwi may disagree on many issues, but we also seek to find alignment in areas that are important for Maori and for all New Zealanders”.

 In addition to meeting with the Prime Minister, Iwi Chairs held sessions with the Minister for Māori Development, the Minister for Whānau Ora, the Minister of Finance, the Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Children, the Minister for Trade, and the Minister for Economic Development.

 The Forum also discussed the Crown’s approach to overlapping claims in Treaty settlements. It was agreed by the Forum that the current approach by the Government disregards tikanga and ahi kā roa. As a result, the Forum agreed to pressure Ministers to ensure that iwi and the Crown co-construct a robust policy and process, incorporating tikanga Māori, for resolving overlapping claims issues.

The remainder of the Forum centred on four key pou: Pou Tikanga, Pou Taiao, Pou Tangata and Pou Tahua. Highlights for each of the Pou are as follows.

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